Change of Plans

Have you ever made plans for yourself, for your future, only to see them not work out as you planned?

My husband, Keven, is a planner. He is great at researching, studying the details, and waiting for more information before he acts. He has amazing patience. Me? I’m his opposite. I’m spontaneous and will act quickly when opportunity presents itself. I don’t care much about facts if I intuitively feel the need to move. Together, Keven and I make the perfect “spontaneous planner!” Ha-ha.

Keven and I are in a season of choices. Which one to make? How quick to make it? Is it the wisest choice? Is it selfish? Is it too soon? Will waiting make it more difficult?

This week I turned to the book of James to settle and open my mind. I have disciplined myself to read only one chapter a day. I don’t want to just read the book of James. I want each chapter to fill my mind with what God needs me to learn. I don’t want to speed read the book; I want to slowly read and speedily act.

Sometimes the action we need to take is not a physical decision or movement. Sometimes the necessary action is to adopt a mindset. Maybe it’s to be still, be courageous, be humble or just be faithfully patient. These things lead to what nearly all of us are seeking: peace.

Here are a few quick items I’d like to share from James that have been very meaningful to me:

  • Be doers of the word, not just hearers.
  • Be thankful for trials.
  • Ask God for wisdom.
  • Faith without works is nothing.
  • Do not boast about tomorrow’s plans because you don’t know what tomorrow brings. Instead ask if the Lord wills I will do this or that.

Like me, I hope you find it comforting to figure out how to apply the guidance of James into your day-to-day life.

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