Who is your purpose?

It’s frustrating to wonder what your purpose is, and it’s not just kids wondering what they’re going to be when they grow up, either. Many adults are searching for their purpose too, asking, “Why am I here?”

I think we should look at this differently. I don’t think our purpose is a “thing.” I don’t think my purpose is a business, a task, or a project. When we worry about our purpose we are lessening our faith in God’s work, and frankly I’m not sure God has only one purpose for each of us.

Let’s consider thinking about our purpose with a twist. Instead of wondering “What am I here for?”, ask, “Who am I here for?”

Now that feels better, doesn’t it? When we think of who it immediately puts a whole new outlook on how we face the day. Every day you may be passing by your purpose. You may have smiled at your purpose, you may have helped your purpose by mentoring them, you may have had road rage with your purpose or you may have totally missed your purpose because you weren’t paying attention to those who are crossing your path.

God will bring you your purpose. We don’t have to be forced to figure it out.

Earlier this week I was leaving the coffee shop, and a man stopped me to see if I had any money so he could get something to eat. Well, I immediately thought he was probably going to buy alcohol with the money, and I’ve been warned that it’s not safe to whip out my billfold on the street. So, I apologized and said I didn’t have any cash for him.

Ughhhh, the minute I got in my car I felt terrible! I completely overlooked that I had a protein bar in my bag that I could have given him. I wasn’t focused on my who. He could have been one.

Now I realize that this is a very simplistic example but my point is this… God is going to send people our way. Watch for it. Be aware. Your purpose isn’t what… it’s who, and then who else? And then who else after that? How exciting! It could be a teammate, a classmate, a boss, a new employee, a family member, a teacher or student, an applicant, or a networking connection.

I was blessed this week with two different business friends asking me if they could connect me with someone who I might be able to help. No fees attached, just connect to see if there was any chemistry and if I could possibly be of help to them. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss the chance because they could be a who that God is sending my way, OR it may be that I am their who

Your purpose is alive and well, and you’re living it every minute. Don’t let it pass you by.

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