From Producer to Leader: When Finishing Last Means You’re First

Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of companies both large and small. One of the most common challenges I’ve encountered in nearly every organization is working with new and...
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7 Tips for Growing Teammates Through Critical Conversations

In my previous post about critical conversations (see Big Girl Panties), I discussed how to avoid dropping a bomb on teammates by hinting at the tone of an upcoming...
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Bring Your Big Girl Panties, and other ways to prepare for critical conversations

I needed to call a meeting with three teammates to address a situation that was quickly going in a direction I wasn’t happy about. The meeting was to redirect...
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Gift or Reward?

My post earlier this week encouraged leaders to seek self awareness through the eyes of the people they lead. Why do we have to depend on others to increase...
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When Every Opinion Matters…Except Yours

I recently started reading Tom Rath and Barry Conchie’s book, Strengths Based Leadership. I love the concept in Rath’s StrengthsFinders 2.0 book, and I’ve implemented it with past and...
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Reality Check

Theory vs. Reality

the•o•ry: A contemplation or speculation; a guess or conjecture. Synonyms include concept, guess, hunch, suspicion, dogma. re•al•i•ty: The state of being real. Something that exists. Synonyms include actuality, being,...
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