Debate or Hate?

Debate is a skill that good leaders possess. Debate helps us create better solutions, better relationships, stronger teams, and grow in seeing things from different perspectives. Each of us...
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Small Things, BIG Difference

We all want big results, but big results are achieved by us doing all the little things we need to do along the way.
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Careless Leading

Carelessness is something we don’t like to see in others, yet we seldom look for it within ourselves.
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Street line

What do you stand for?

Taking a stand for what’s right takes courage. If you just go along to get along, well then, you’re really not taking a stand. Taking a stand means believing...
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What’s In Your Wake? 3 Questions to Assess Your Impact

For good or for bad, we’re always influencing. What are you leaving in your wake? Here are three questions (and a few follow ups) to consider for a quick...
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How to Tackle a Tough Conversation

In last week’s webinar on stewarding your company culture in uncertain times, one participant asked about how they should go about talking to a colleague who was violating the...
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Staying Positive Under Pressure

Our organization’s payroll team has recently gone through a software change, and if you’ve ever been through a significant technology change like that, you probably just groaned and shook your...
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Giving Forgiveness

Who do you need to forgive? I don’t mean just saying, “I’m over it.” I mean real forgiveness. Who changes your heart for the worse when you think of...
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The Difference Between Proud and Pride

When it comes to influencing others, I place a great deal of emphasis on the difference between being prideful and being proud. Here’s how I distinguish between the two....
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Lead from the Core

For some, leading others comes naturally. For others, it’s something we have to intentionally work at. Regardless of how you’ve come to lead others, leading must come from your...
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