In order to tackle a challenge, you first have to define it. Impacting Leaders is experienced in employing a variety of research methods to help our clients uncover their challenges, understand their strengths, establish the baselines for measuring success and gain a deeper, more authentic understanding of the state of their team or organization.

Style of Influence Assessment

We’ve applied the Style of Influence (SOI) with hundreds of individuals and teams. The SOI is our go-to tool for helping leaders better understand how they influence, how their team interacts, and where areas of tension lie. The SOI is not a strengths analysis or a personality test; rather, it measures how individuals intuitively influence through how they think, connect, and communicate. The SOI reveals when a leader is at his or her best.

Interested in trying out the SOI for yourself, your team, or for a prospective new hire? Purchase it now through the Impacting Leaders Square store, or contact Impacting Leaders directly to learn more about our SOI teaming session and group discount.

Leadership Research

Focus Groups

Many clients choose to have Impacting Leaders facilitate focus groups among all levels of employees in an effort to gain a wide range of qualitative feedback that provides leadership with straightforward and frank insights into their employees’ perspectives. Once focus groups are conducted, Impacting Leaders will provide the client with a written assessment to accompany a presentation on the focus group findings and next-step recommendations.

Organizational Effectiveness Survey

The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) is a valid and reliable assessment tool that allows departments or entire organizations to take an in-depth look at both their strengths and challenges from their employees’ perspectives. Clients value the OES because it gives them an accurate picture of their organizational health, effectiveness, and culture.

Employees value the OES because it gives them the opportunity to share their honest feedback in a completely confidential manner. Impacting Leaders facilitates the entire OES process for its clients, from set-up to implementation to working with each client to develop a customized plan to take action on the survey’s results, which includes a wealth of quantitative graphs and reports as well as qualitative feedback.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys serve as shorter, simpler surveys that allow clients to stay in-the-know on employees’ perspectives on hot-button issues. Because of their brevity and narrow focus, pulse surveys may be deployed more frequently than the OES. By keeping tabs on the pulse of the organization, we can help our clients respond quickly to necessary changes, needs, or concerns.