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Whether it’s on the assembly line or in the C-suite, teams can move entire organizations forward. They can also slow progress to a grinding halt. We know because we’ve been there. We are leadership practitioners who have worked in organizations where some teams created unstoppable momentum while others struggle to survive.

The key factor we see that separates the teams that soar from those that sink? Time and again, it’s leadership. Leadership is as vital on the factory floor as it is in the corner office because solid leaders build cohesive, capable teams. And teams get things done.

If you’re looking to help your team achieve alignment, build camaraderie, increase accountability and improve engagement, let’s talk. From online retailers to small staffing providers to Fortune 500 manufacturers of eyeglasses and excavators, we help teams of every size and industry work stronger and better together.

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Impacting every leader
on every team
at every level

From promising up-and-comers to seasoned executives, we have the expertise and experience to help you strengthen your leaders and teams.

Executive & C-Suite

These leaders set the standards – in how we treat others, in what’s rewarded and what’s tolerated, and in what the organization really values. This top-tier team creates the vision, establishes the culture, and determines the direction for the future.


This is where the groundswell grows, where accountability is championed, and where progress is made or prohibited. There’s no middle of the road when it comes to mid-level teams: this is where the desired culture thrives or dies.


This level most often oversees the frontline workers – from customer service to manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. This group and the teams they lead have a direct impact on your customer satisfaction and experience.

Next Generation

These NextGen producers are hungry for authenticity, opportunity, and the freedom to do good work. They want to be heard, they want to be challenged, and they want know their efforts matter.


A Strategic Approach

Our programs are as varied as our clients. While every training, teaming session, and one-on-one we offer is tailored to fit your needs, many of our programs include some of the following elements:

Individual and organizational assessments, including the Style of Influence for individuals and teams as well as the Organizational Effectiveness Survey for departments and entire organizations

Focus groups, helping you dig deeper into your employees’ attitudes, experiences, and perceptions

Teaming sessions, facilitating NextGen, mid-management, and upper-level small group training, discussion, and application on selected topics

Executive/C-suite strategy, focusing on leadership alignment, vision, culture, and engagement

One-on-one coaching, allowing individual leaders to strategize on their individual and team challenges and opportunities with an experienced leadership practitioner

Retreat planning and facilitation, giving teams and their leaders the opportunity to connect, strategize, and grow without the day-to-day distractions of the office

Onsite interim leadership, creating a productive, stable workplace in the midst of leadership gaps and transitions

Supervisory training, equipping your front-line leaders to build and lead engaged, motivated, and productive teams.

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Linda Sasser

Executive/C-Suite Strategy | Retreat Facilitation | Coaching | Speaking


Demeris Berner

Demeris Berner

Coaching | Supervisory Training | Workforce & HR Strategy | Team Alignment


Julie Claggett

Julie Claggett

Communications | Content Development | Client Relations | Project Management