Got Mo? Building The Magic of Momentum

It was halftime at one of my daughter’s 8th grade basketball games, and to say things weren’t looking good would have been an understatement.

Truth be told, the first half was brutal. Our girls just couldn’t get it together. They missed their shots. They struggled to rebound. They couldn’t find their mojo! I hoped that after a quick pep talk and some strategic planning  in the locker room they’d return refreshed and re-inspired for the second half.

And they did. It didn’t take much. First it was a steal. Next, a layup and a foul shot. Before we knew it our girls found their mojo, and our team advanced to the next round of the tournament.

Momentum. Mojo. The Big Mo.

Whatever you call it, this funny yet powerful factor is a leader’s best friend. Momentum has everything to do with confidence, attitude, discipline, encouragement, and teamwork.

Mojo is a dominant force that’s created when individual roles are aligned with team and company direction. Toss in passion, laughter, chaos, and celebration, and you have a speeding train that’s nearly impossible to stop because the momentum builds and builds and builds.

Here are three levels of momentum that leaders need to be aware of and respond to:

1. Starting Mo

It only takes one person to spark the power of momentum. One small act after another after another can rouse and bring on the Big Mo!

2. Moving Mo

Continuing the momentum and keeping it going is the most tempting stage. It’s tempting because as things get rolling it’s easy to get a little lazy in your efforts to continue building the Mo.

3. Keeping Mo Alive

This is the most courageous stage because it’s hard for a leader to determine when to make necessary changes. You don’t want to do anything to stop the Mo, but you also have to continue evolving. It’s a delicate balance between adjusting too soon and too late. Either extreme can hinder momentum.

 The Great Thing About The Big Mo

One of the best things about momentum is that the spark doesn’t have to come from the titled leader. The Big Mo is generated, gathered, and built by developing leaders at every level.

So, do you and your team got Mo? If not, then you’re just the one to get it started.

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