When you see the word, “change,” what goes through your mind? Excitement? Fear? Anxiety? Maybe all of the above!

Just the idea of change can evoke a whole range of emotions, but if we’re going to thrive in business and in life, we’d better get used to it. As the old cliché goes, “Change is the only constant.” Think about it. What would your life look like without those big and often unexpected changes?

If it weren’t for big changes, I’d still be a physical education teacher at an elementary school in Texas. That was a good job, but it obviously wasn’t in the long-term plans God had laid out for my life. And if you’d have asked me even three years ago where I’d be in 2011, I wouldn’t have dreamed it’s where I am today.

I recently assumed the role of President and COO of The John Maxwell Company. The John Maxwell Company was established to help leaders apply and execute the leadership principles grounded in John Maxwell’s teachings. I cannot tell you how exciting and rewarding it is to serve in an organization where our entire mission is to help others live out leadership!

Leading an organization of this level that represents a leader of John Maxwell’s caliber is truly a dream come true, but it didn’t happen without a lot of bumps and sudden turns along the way. However, that’s the nature of change! It’s often unexpected, and many times it’s unwelcome. As leaders, we must learn to deal with and adapt to change. Otherwise, we’ll never have the courage to accomplish all that we’re meant to do!

So how to we prepare for and deal with those big, exciting, scary changes? Check back on Thursday when we’ll discuss several key points for adjusting to and embracing change.

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