Was I Worth It? Three Questions Every Leader Should Ask

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Was I worth it? This is such a powerful question. I guess my mind was reflecting on it today because it’s Easter.  I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I want to be “worth it” for Him. I want to make sure that the sacrifices and investment God has made in me pay off in His opinion. I know some day I will stand before Him in Heaven, and I desire to hear Him say, “Sasser… you were worth it!”

It’s that same passion and endless discontent that drives me to ask the same question of those I’ve been blessed to serve and lead. Was I worth it? We all know leadership is temporary. It’s temporary because people come in and out of our lives throughout our career. So while people were in our lives, did we make it worth their time? Was their experience a good one? Did they grow and become more confident because we crossed paths?

Think of someone you were responsible to lead in your past. Are they better off today because they were exposed to your influence? Careful! Don’t fall into the trap of skipping this question because you don’t have a title or you don’t have anyone on the organizational chart below you. We all lead because leadership is influence, and every day we have the ability to influence those around us.

I can’t answer the question of whether or not I was worth it to those who have been in my wake. This question is theirs to answer because they are the scorekeeper in their life, not me. As leaders, we must realize that we hold a certain amount of responsibility for the growth of others we get to steward.

So what should we focus on to make sure we’re “worth it?” While I’m sure it’s different for every leader, here are three questions that help me stay focused:

1. Is the person better off when we part ways than when we first met? This could be in leader growth, knowledge, skill set, or attitude.

2. Do I understand what that person may need from me? Have I even thought about it?

3. If I leave next month or next year, what would I hope that person would have received from me? Have I asked them that same question?

Challenge yourself with an incredibly meaningful quote by Andy Stanley that renforces these questions and inspires me to be urgent with my leadership:

Leadership is stewardship. It’s temporary, and you’re accountable.

This week I want to challenge you to be worth it!

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