Preparing the Next Generation

As a former school teacher, I remember the endless debates between the school board and the parents on who should be accountable to teach sex education to the children. Was it the school system’s responsibility or the parents? Should they teach abstinence or safe sex? When should the subject be introduced?

The business world is also struggling with the accountability questions of who, what, and when, but in our case it’s on the subject of leadership. Who is responsible for preparing the next generation of leaders? Is it the universities or the employers?  What do we teach them about leadership, and when should we start developing leaders?

Most of us would answer both the sex education and the leadership dilemma the same way. It’s not an either-or solution. It takes both the educational system and the parents/leaders who are responsible for influencing the next generation.

I am passionate about preparing the young up and coming business leaders. For some reason, I think it is my responsibility to groom those who God has allowed me to influence.

If you are familiar with John Maxwell’s five levels of leadership, you know that level four is about reproduction. So how are your developing and reproducing the leaders around you?

One of the best ways to influence is to open up the lines of communication between experienced leaders and the hungry emerging leaders. This communication is two-way and includes questions, discussions, and healthy debate.

Learn From Today’s Emerging Leaders

In an effort to draw out some effective leadership mentoring for the next generation, we are adding a new series to Leadership With Sass focused specifically on today’s young leaders.

Our up and comer posts will be written by guest bloggers who are among the next generation of leaders. They are young, and they are feisty to learn and challenge those of us in current leadership positions, so hang on!

I’m excited to see what’s on their minds and hear what they have to say. What challenges are they facing in their daily drive to lead, and how are they handling them? What philosophies are they forming in their early years of learning to lead?

Here’s how you can help. Whether you’re an experienced leader or a leader in the making, join in on these conversations. Help us discuss REAL leadership issues faced in real life by real people. Ask questions, make comments, agree or disagree.

Check back Wednesday for our first post in this new and exciting series as we continue to work to live out leadership!

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