The People Bucket List

So is it really true that you are what you eat?

Do you notice how much better you feel when you eat the right foods? Eating the right foods can really dictate how you look, feel, and even how you think. The right nutrition is crucial to our performance.

I believe this concept is no different in other areas of our life. Let’s take the people we choose to spend time with, for example. Who do you hang with? As a parent, I am very aware and interested in the friends with whom my kids choose to spend their time. Why? Because I know there will be a level of influence exchanged. The same is true no matter how old and mature we are. Who do you allow to influence you? The people you spend time with help form your attitude, your outlook, and your passion about work, life, and your future.

I’m not sure if it’s my age (stop guessing…I’m not 50 yet) or this season of my life, but I am determined to spend life around the right people. People I’m passionate about being around. It’s kind of like a people version of a bucket list of “things to do before I kick the bucket.” I have a bucket list of people I not only want to do things with, but also who I want to spend my time with, whether it’s in business or in building our future.

My People Bucket List

I seriously have a people bucket list. The people on this list are passionate, competent, make-it-happen people that have a way of making me feel more confident just by being around them. Isn’t that crazy? Well, I believe you are what you eat, and you are also who you’re with.

So if you had a people bucket list who would be on it and why? Who do you love to be around? What makes you thrive? Who excites you about the future? Try making that list; it’s really eye-opening.

Whose bucket list are you on?

Now let’s turn the table around. Are you on anyone else’s people bucket list? Ouch! Think about how you make others feel when you’re with them. Do you inspire and give hope and vision about the future, or do you just give them a day-to-day look? Are you a make-it-happen person with a dream that others want to attach themselves to?

Friends, this isn’t a strategic, rocket science, time-consuming dilemma. It’s actually just a simple thought.

What are you going to eat and who are you going to eat with?

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  • Jason Grant says:

    Fresh perspective on a GREAT and engaging subject, Linda. I agree. Not only do you need to spend time with the right people, but the “quantitative amount” of time spent with them I think is just as important. The Great Puritan, John Owen, once said, “Friendship is maintained by FREQUENCY of visit.” Lots of wisdom there.