The SMALL Things

Why do we sometimes take the smallest things and make them into big issues? We can focus on some of the silliest stuff. They are small and trite yet our worry and our focus turn them into big mountains of complaints.

On the other hand, why do we sometimes overlook the small things that mean so much? They are disregarded in the pace of life or maybe lost in the shadow of the silly small things we childishly made big?

It’s the phenomenon of the SMALL things in life; the small things that mean so much and the small things that we make into too much. Which is more prevalent in your life?

Lets challenge ourselves during the holidays to not fret over the small things. Who cares if the turkey is dry or the cranberry sauce slid off the plate onto floor and was gobbled up by the dog with intestinal issues. Ha-ha! Those are small laughable stories that get to be told around next year’s Thanksgiving table.

Lets be observant and keep a keen eye out for the small things that mean so much. Maybe the small things we fret about are really precious moments we should cherish. Like the last time my family and I were in the mountains…

It wasn’t a small storm; it was a big snowstorm that knocked out our electricity along with phone and Internet services. The inconveniencies were small things and easy to whine about. Yet the candle-lit house and the conversation with family made our quiet cabin a big thing to cherish.

The small things…

Whether they are blown up into a mountain of complaint or transformed into a moment to cherish is up to us.

May you be blessed with many small moments to cherish as we enter this holiday season.

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