Born to Lead!

I believe that Jesus Christ was born to lead. The rest of us… we were given gifts and talents with the ability to learn to lead.

Jesus was brought to earth to save us from our sin. God had an incredible yet very focused purpose for him. The rest of us…we have a purpose too. God has a plan for your life. Have you figured it out yet? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out. Be still, listen and move when nudged.

This week we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the leader we should all strive to be like. He was loving, firm, and focused. He sacrificed for others, cast vision, believed in his mission, and was passionate about our buy in. He was patient, earned his influence, and led from the heart. He was courageous, didn’t give in to temptation, didn’t run from difficulty, didn’t delegate his responsibilities, and took a bullet (a nail) for his team.

While we aren’t humanly capable to lead as perfectly as Jesus, he did give us the direction in which to aim and strive for.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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