Living with An Adversity-Minded Focus

Adversity, in spite of how uncomfortable or downright difficult it makes our lives, has a way of instantly refocusing our attention on what we believe really matters. I know when I go through adversity, I’m more focused because I have less choices. The path is narrow and forced because there really aren’t any alternatives.

On the other hand, prosperity offer a much wider, more comfortable path with many, many choices. And often, in times of prosperity, we allow our top priorities to become optional. These things that sustain us in our adversity no longer seem essential with all the comfort and (false) sense of security that prosperity brings.

My own challenge to myself is to begin living with an adversity-minded focus. For me, this means drawing nearer to God during times of prosperity just as I do in times of adversity. After all, I need the same sustaining faith during the good times as I do during the not-so-good ones. Maybe more so. I want my successes to reflect my relationship with Him, not my distance from Him.

How about you? In prosperous times, is your faith just another option from which to choose? Do your priorities only become your priorities in adverse times? Are you encouraging God to allow diversity in your life to motivate you to run to Him?

And what about your role as a leader? Are you stewarding your resources and assets carefully even in prosperous times? Are you developing your team now so that they’ll be prepared to handle the challenges that arise down the road? And if your team or company is in the middle of hard times, are you learning through the situation so you can help others grow?

Let’s not wait for adverse times before we realign our priorities or rely on our faith. Instead, choose today to live with an adversity-minded focus.

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