Partnerships and Perseverence

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

This month my husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage! It’s a landmark that has so many lessons in it that I can’t possibly begin to blog about it. However, if I had to share what I’m most proud of in our 30 years together, I’d have to say it’s our perseverance. We’ve never ever thought about giving up. Sure there have been ups and downs. Every healthy relationship that extends beyond the surface has them.

Yet remarkably, it’s the difficult times that seem to have drawn us closer together. Our love and passion for and our loyalty to each other is simply unbreakable not just because of all the wonderful experiences but more so because of the not-so-wonderful challenges we’ve had to face as a couple. We’re a team!

This weekend, we’ll celebrate a new marriage, that of our oldest daughter. I can’t decide which emotion is greater: my pride or my excitement for them. Since I’m on the other side of 30 years of a blessed marriage I know the journey they are about to begin will include both blessings and challenges. I can’t wait for this young couple to experience the power of a partnership that doesn’t give up.

So where’s the leadership lesson? Leadership in the household is no different than leadership in business. It’s based on love, perseverance, and a desire to serve one another. Our lives should be full of the same. How we persevere through challenges truly determines the height of our blessings.

In all our relationships the best way out isn’t to quit; the best way out is to see it through. By choosing the latter, not only do you get out of your challenge, but most importantly you learn and become stronger because you went through it together.

This blog post is dedicated to my wonderful life partner Keven Sasser, my daughter Katie Sasser, and her soon-to-be life partner, Danny McCarthy.

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