The Three C’s to No More Policies

Imagine a workplace with no more rigid rules or stringent policies! What if we didn’t have to consult an inch-thick employee manual before taking time off, using the company car, or submitting expense reports. Some of you might be thinking, “That’s insane and impossible!” But in reality, a policy-free (or at least policy-few) workplace should be a completely rational idea.

Policies are only created due to someone not having Character, Common Sense or Care for others. Because of this new rules and policies are constantly being created to compensate for others’ lack of being able to carry out on one of the C’s. Think about that. All our policies and rules wouldn’t be necessary if we did the following:

  • Used Character in our decision-making
  • Approached challenges with Common Sense
  • Cared for others more than ourselves

For example, think of all the employment rules and regulations we have in place today: the ADA, FMLA, drug testing, the EEOC, and on and on. All of these rules were created because of leaders not living out Common Sense, Character or Care.

Strive to live out these three C’s in your daily work life. The return for living out Character, Common Sense and Care for others is often the freedom to make good decisions…without having to first stop and reference a manual.

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