Giving Up to Give Back

It’s Thursday Quote Day again! Will you live this one out?

“Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up.” – Colin Powell

I love this quote because it alludes to one of the most important actions of a leader – making sacrifices to serve the team! So what are the “give ups” we should expect to make as a leader so we can “give back” to our team? Here are some examples:

  • Giving up the privilege of first choice. Stepping aside for prime vacation days so your team can choose them first.
  • Giving up lots of time!
    • Coming in early and staying late so you are available to your team.
    • Taking work home because during the day you gave your time to coaching or teaching a teammate.
    • Giving a massive amount of time to your team and your leader.
    • Using your time and energy to learn and grow.
  • Giving up the spotlight. Making sure your teammates get the credit, even if you were the inspiration and the drive behind the project.
  • Giving up your security. Having the courage to speak up, even if it means risking your career, rather than sitting back and settling for the status quo.

Ask yourself,  “What have I given up lately to give back to my team or my leader?” It’s always good to reassess our actions and consider what we should be giving up so we can give back to and serve our team.

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