Who Are You For?

“It isn’t about who is ‘for’ or ‘against’ you, it’s about who you are for.” – Andy Stanley

This is a great quote! Why? Because it alludes to the “politics trap” that many leaders get caught up in as their influence increases. When we succumb to politics, we worry more about who’s on our side, who’s on the other side, how we can get our idea to win, how we need to position ourselves, and so on. Focusing on who’s for or against us takes our attention away from the important things, like how we can do a better job leading our people. In addition to that, it’s pretty self-centered to waste time wondering about who’s for us!

Take a moment to reflect on how you view the people around you. Do you spend more time thinking about who’s for you or against you, or do you focus your energy on serving and growing your people? People will be for you if you are first for them.

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  • Kim Smith says:

    Love this message from Andy Stanley and yes, you are spot on in your blog. Andy talked about creating a vision and mission that will drive your people to follow and that is what you should be focused on not are they for you or against you. You will earn that through painting a vision that is executable. Executable being the key! People rally around what they can contribute to. Hope all is well Linda! Thanks for your posts!

    • Linda Sasser says:

      Thanks for your comments Kim! I love Andy’s quotes. I have not seen him speak on this directly so thank you for sharing what you learned from Andy!

      Hope you are doing well! Thanks for following and participating.