Can I Borrow Some of That?

What do you borrow from time to time? I’m sure most of us have borrowed money from a bank, a cup of sugar from a neighbor, or a car or phone from a friend. We probably borrow from others more than we realize. It allows us to have access to something we don’t currently possess.

When it comes to leadership, borrowing leadership essentials is a big part of our growth. No leader has it all. We’re used to borrowing skill sets from others on the team, but sometimes we forget to borrow essentials like trust, courage, and confidence.

Borrowing Trust.

I was in a leadership meeting last week when the subject of trust came up. Not everyone sitting around the table knew each other, yet we would be relying significantly on one another. One leader made an attention-grabbing statement. While he didn’t know one of the leaders sitting around the table very well, he said, “I trust you because I trust Linda, and I know she has a high level of trust in you.” He meant that he was borrowing my trust until he can form his own trust for that person.

Borrowing Confidence.

Intuitive leaders have a knack for seeing the potential in others. However, until that person develops fully he will need to borrow his leader’s confidence in his own ability. As growth and experience happen his potential transforms into real talent and he begins owning his confidence instead of borrowing it. It’s a very exciting time for both the leader and the follower.

Borrowing Courage.

Borrowing courage is another essential for both leaders and followers because courage is something both need, but interesting enough it is also something both have to give away. Followers give their leaders courage through their passion to run and their competence to perform. Leaders give their followers courage through their vision, direction, and belief. So the borrowing factor goes both ways.

Borrowing is Wise.

Borrowing happens throughout our careers. Knowing when we need to borrow and when we need to give it away is easier as we learn that it’s an acceptable and needed practice for growth and development. If we see borrowing as a weakness or failure, then we will limit our performance through different seasons, and we limit the growth opportunities for those around us.

So what else can we borrow? Can a head leader borrow someone’s heart? Can we borrow wisdom? Can we borrow a positive attitude, fun, or a solid reputation?

Like borrowing money, at some point we have to earn it ourselves. We can’t borrow forever. When you are borrowing, let the other person know that you are leaning on them, so they will understand how to serve you better. Learn from the experience so that someday someone can borrow it from you.

Think about your current season. What do you need to borrow, and who will you seek to borrow it from?

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