A Final Look Back on 2012

Before you move on to 2013, let’s give 2012 one last glance!

I’m not one to look back very often. I’m too thrilled about what is in store for the future. But I do respect the past because it plays such an important role in forming who we are. We learn through our experiences (good or bad) and these experiences often influence how we think, act and love others.

So before we attack our 2013 goals, I want to encourage us to stop and reflect on these four statements as we look back on 2012:

  1. The most important lesson I learned that I do not want to forget is:
  2. I laughed so hard I cried when:
  3. I’m most thankful for:
  4. One thing I’ll do differently in 2013 is:

To help you get started and to hold myself accountable, I’ve shared my reflections on these questions.

The most important lesson I learned that I do not want to forget is:

Don’t give up! When you go through a difficult season keep pressing forward. Motivate yourself by appreciating the fact that God is growing you for something bigger and better. The tough times are designed to teach, not to hurt. Concentrate on the learning moment instead of how to control the moment.

I laughed so hard I cried when:

After a few sleepless nights and long business meetings two teammates found me curled up in a chair asleep while journaling and visiting late one night. Instead of waking me (like normal people would do) they formulated a plan on how to pick me up and carry me to bed. Note: I am not a petite woman. I awoke in shock as they were attempting to, in their opinion, serve their leader in such a sweet way. I only wish I would have pretended to not wake up to see how far and successful (or not) their plan would have gone. We still laugh about this moment and the potential leadership lessons I could blog about regarding decision making, serving, teamwork, and strategic planning on the fly!!! Ha-ha.

I’m most thankful for:

Personal – My family experience! My life companion after 31 years still loves and honors our relationship as if we were newlyweds. My three children continue to amaze me with their positive influence in business, at school, and in their communities. My parents provided such a great illustration of love that still impacts how I live each day.

Business – The people that surround my business career. Some who have been willing to follow me through a few career journeys and some new who God allows me to do life with in this current season. Without these influencers, I wouldn’t be where or who I am today. They are givers and shapers.

One thing I’ll do differently in 2013 is:

I hate this question but that’s exactly why it’s valuable. There are many things I want to do differently but the one that will make the most impact for others will be for me to pay attention to taking better care of myself. I’m uncomfortable expressing this because it’s about me, but getting more sleep, exercising, and eating better will help me be more valuable to my team and my clients.

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