4 Tips For Prioritizing Your People Time

If you are a leader who regularly coaches teammates or other leaders, you know that there are times when the coaching relationship comes to a defining point.

One of those defining points is determining with whom you spend your time. Is it with the ones who can produce the most, or the ones who demand and need the most from you?

Here are four tips to help guide your coaching time: 

  • The answer is yes. The question above doesn’t have to be either/or. My best producers typically took up most of my time, by my choice.
  • Definitely prioritize the producers. However, make sure they learn to grow and serve others or their producing days will not multiply through others.
  • Address the high maintenance. When the demand and need becomes high maintenance then you must have a crucial conversation because high maintenance followers burn energy you could be giving to someone else.
  • Always err on the side of giving your coaching away. If you have to retreat, you know you gave that person every opportunity to succeed.

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