The Leader’s Truth

“It doesn’t take a leader long to realize that it’s a lot easier to give good advice
than to follow good advice.” – Courtesy @EQUIPLeaders

That’s a sobering statement that should make each of us step back and reflect on how well we are living out what we teach others. Or what we tell others. Think about it. Ask yourself:

Am I making the same sacrifices I expect of my team? (Well, are you?)

Am I putting in the same level of effort (or more so) that I demand of my team?

Does my team learn about my standards and my beliefs through my words or through my actions?

What walk in my organization contradicts the talk?

Here’s the deal. We never reach a place in our careers or in our leadership walk where we’ve earned the right to teach one way and walk another. Our actions absolutely must align with our words. Every time they don’t, our credibility weakens. We lose a small piece of the team’s respect. Our people are always watching and listening. Not because they’re nosy. Because they want to see what we really think. What we really value. What we believe really matters.

Your truth isn’t what you tell others to do. Your truth lies in in what you do.

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