What Real Job Security Looks Like

What is job security? Most of us would probably define it as feeling quite safe and secure with our position within our company. Factors that give us a sense of job security include being good at what we do, being the only one who knows how to do the job, our  tenure, or maybe even our strong relationship with the boss.

Here’s what I know: No matter how smart, connected, tenured or knowledgeable you are, you can always be replaced.

I have a triangle of security philosophy that encompasses the following three characteristics:

1. Character

If you’re in search for more security in your career, start by building character by putting others before yourself and making sure your walk matches your talk.

2. Competence

Focus on your current job expectations, and get good at what you do. Once you master your current position, begin to mentor others so that they too might learn your skill. Then, look for someone to teach you new skills. Ask for opportunities to transfer into other departments so you can learn to become competent in other areas. Just make sure you are leaving things in good shape before transferring out.

3. Influence ability (leadership)

Improve your leader skill sets by reading and listening to those who have mastered the ability to lead. Apply what you’ve learned so you become a leader who impacts with actions versus a leader who grows in knowledge but never acts.

Creating Career Security

It’s important to note that these three pillars of security can’t stand alone. This isn’t a “best of three” situation. Rather, the three pillars are what create the whole person. You can’t be a leader without being competent, and you certainly can’t develop a healthy following if you lack character.

These three attributes will create more career security than any other shallow attributes that we often hang onto.  And notice I said career security. If you can become better at these three pillars, then where you work doesn’t become your security blanket. You become your security, as there is a high demand for people with these characteristics in any industry.

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