Find Your Corner Pieces First

How do you start a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle?

You find the corner pieces. The corner pieces are your anchors, and once you’ve identified them, you start working on the edges. Only after our edges are in place do we have the framework we need to start piecing together the middle.

We should take the same approach when building our teams.

Corner Pieces

Your corner pieces are your anchor leaders that are absolutely vital to you and your organization. They complement how you think and how you lead, and each anchor brings unique yet essential skill sets that your team and organization need to move forward. Without your corner pieces, you lack leadership, perspective and clear direction, and you’re tired. When our corners aren’t in place we must spend more of our time taking ownership of things outside of our comfort zone.

Edge Pieces

Our edge pieces are our go-to players that can take the vision and direction established by the corners and make it a reality. John Maxwell would refer to them as the “get-it-done-and-then-some” people, and we rely on their production and their ability to help us think. Stable edges allow our corners to remain focused on strategy and the future.

The Middle

When we start filling in the middle of our puzzle, the picture finally becomes clear. With each new piece we fit into place, our momentum picks up and our vision starts becoming a reality. Though we must begin with our corners and edges, how we piece together our middle is just as essential; one ill-fitting or misplaced piece, and our ability to complete the entire puzzle is jeopardized.

Who are your corner pieces? What talent/strengths do you need to anchor your team or organization?

Who make up your edges? Who are the go-to players you rely on daily to keep things moving forward?

Who are your middle pieces? Do you have a strong middle where the pieces fit well together?

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