Three Actions for Achieving Your Potential

We all have potential, but not all of us will maximize it. Achieving our fullest potential is something we must do intentionally. Here are three actions you can focus on to work toward reaching all that you’re capable of achieving.

Focus on your one thing.

We can’t reach our fullest potential by scattering ourselves in 20 different directions, and sometimes it’s our potential and our abilities that make us scattered. When we’re good at many things, the temptation is there to try and do all those things, thereby watering down our focus and what we really want and need to accomplish. Determine the main goal for yourself and your career or your organization, then identify and begin taking the action steps that will get you closer to that main goal.

Focus on your growth.

We don’t grow by accident. Doing isn’t the same as learning, and we can fall into the trap of thinking we are learning and growing just because we’re very busy doing. Continual improvement is a choice, and it’s something we must be relentless about if we are going to be the best at what we do. Read blogs, articles and books. Attend workshops. Ask questions. Make growth something that is ingrained in you, not just something you’re willing to do on company time.

Focus on the future.

When you know your one thing, you should know where you want to go. That gives you and your team direction. Now that you have direction, you have to make decisions that get you closer to that place where you want to be. Direction gives clarity to our decisions. It’s easy to decide what we should and shouldn’t be doing because we begin choosing the options that get us closer to where we want to go.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t focus on the future if you’re too occupied with the past. Our past benefits us when we learn from our experiences and use that knowledge to strategize and make good choices moving forward. Our past hinders us when we dwell on it and allow it to hold us back.

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