Fill the Gaps

Remember that scene in “Rocky” when Sylvester Stallone’s character explains his attraction to Adrian? Quite simply, he says, “…she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.”

His rudimentary explanation may not be eloquent (or romantic), but it’s great for illustrating how two people can complement each other. Of course, we shouldn’t strive to only fill gaps in our personal relationships. We should fill them with our teammates and our leaders as well.

Who fills your gaps?

Chances are the people who are capable of filling your gaps aren’t your teammates who are just like you. Rather, they are people who can complement you, people who are strong where you are weak, who challenge you to think differently and don’t agree with you on every viewpoint. Don’t avoid these individuals. You need them around you! Rely on them to fill your gaps by bringing new perspectives and ideas to the table.

Whose gaps do you fill?

What gaps do you fill for your teammates? Do you actively use your strengths to fill in for your teammates’ and your leader’s weaknesses? Don’t wait to be asked to bring your strengths to the table. Know the value you bring to your team and actively seek out opportunities to fill gaps.

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