Make Thankfulness an Everyday Habit

Thankfulness. Why are we so open to encourage and be thankful at Thanksgiving time? Shouldn’t we “give thanks” every day of the year? What if Thanksgiving was every Friday and we ended the workweek by thanking our teammates?  Or what if it was every Monday, and we started the workweek out by giving thanks? Wow! I think this would totally change our mindset and drive positive thinking and expression.  Thanksgiving should be a daily mindset, not just an annual holiday.

Stay with me here! Before you think this is just another Thanksgiving Day blog, know that I was on this kick before the holiday. I work within a lot of companies, and I’ve seen a workforce trend of entitlement growing more and more common. Entitlement is the enemy of thankfulness. After all, why would you be thankful for something owed to you?

Here are some tips straight from my heart on how to think, protect, and give away you grateful spirit.

Have faith in the unknown.

Not knowing what’s ahead in life can throw us into a fear zone. Usually the fear is driven from negative thinking. It helps me to be thankful for what the future holds. As a believer, I can get excited about what my Father in Heaven has in store for me. I’m thankful for this advantage.

Create a positive chain reaction.

Today you will influence at least three people. They will influence three more, and so on. Share your thankfulness with others. It gathers momentum and grows. We all have the power to start the positive chain reaction.

Get over yourself.

“Self” is why entitlement lives. The word “I” is the most over used word from an ungrateful person. “I don’t get paid enough.” A thankful person turns this around to being thankful for their pay. Thank your leader. “I work harder than anyone else.” Be thankful you have a good work ethic. Teach others. “I deserve a promotion.” Appreciate your position, teach others, and thank your leader for additional opportunities to learn. “I just got let go.” Start learning, not blaming.

Start a thankful morning walk.

How many steps does it take you to walk from your bed to the bathroom each morning? My goal is to think of at least three things I’m thankful for from the time I get out of bed to when I get to the bathroom. These aren’t big grandiose items. These are quick, small, habit-forming items. The point is I want to start a habit of being thankful.

Be thankful for the tough times.

I’ve come to the conclusion that great difficulties bring great blessings. Blessings, however, are not measured by money or career success. They are measured by impact – the impact you have on others. You see, you may be the blessing for someone else. If we’re lucky, we get to feel the fulfillment of our blessings, but I don’t think we’ll ever know the full effect until we get to watch our life video in Heaven. You know, the one that plays back all the opportunities we seized as well as the ones we missed.

Happy “thanks giving” everyone. Not just on Thursday, but every day after that and forevermore.

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