Want Trust? 5 Things to Stop Doing

Trust… it’s difficult to define and impossible to force. Building trust with others is the foundation of success. Trust glues marriages together, bonds friends for life, builds partnerships and connects business men and women. Trust between a leader and a follower impacts lives.

I received a very special display of trust this past week from an Impacting Leaders client. This person paid for our services by handing me a signed blank check. What might have seemed like a “no big deal” action to him was a very big deal to me because it honored his trust in me. I walked away with a signed blank check. He walked away with my heart in his hands and a determined commitment for my team to exceed all expectations and then some!

What this client didn’t realize is that trust is one of my top five values. Because of this I tend to give trust away very early. Some business colleagues would say too early, and yes, I’ve been burned on occasion because of this trait. But I’ve enjoyed way more blessings than burns.

Instead of giving tips on how to build trust, today I’ve decided to look at items that keep us from developing trust. Here are five things you must STOP doing if you desire to be a person of trust.

1. Refusing to Give it Away

What if two people had the attitude of “you gotta earn my trust.” How will these two ever gain true commitment from one another? Someone has to give it away first. Focus on giving trust and STOP worrying about receiving it.

2. Performing Inconsistently

It’s hard to trust what keeps changing. Trust is predictable. It’s not moody.  Do your actions prove to be someone who can be trusted, or are you hard to predict? Do you perform one week then slack off the next? Are you late for meetings? Do you do what you say you’ll do? STOP being unpredictable.

3. Having a Scarcity Mindset

People with scarcity mindsets hoard money, love, time, information, grace, and success.  Scarcity-minded leaders protect and defend their goods worried that they will be taken away by employees, bosses, or life’s lessons. Think abundantly. There’s plenty to go around. STOP hoarding!

4. Stuck in Selling Mode

Selling Mode is being political with your actions. No one likes to be sold to, so STOP selling employees on your ideas, STOP selling clients to buy from you and STOP selling your great accomplishments to peers! Yuck. Gain trust, and employees, clients, and peers will seek out your connection.

5. Putting Yourself First

Taking care of yourself before others is only appropriate when developing your character. STOP self-preserving and instead look for ways to serve without conditions.

I intend to keep striving to be “blank check worthy.” It’s a constant pursuit that we should never assume we’ve achieved.

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