Are You Weary?

It’s Monday! Hopefully you’re back at the office and feeling refreshed from an exciting or relaxing weekend. But take a moment and think what you have in store for the week ahead. How do you think you will feel by Friday – tired but fulfilled from a challenging and productive week, or just…tired?

We can motivate and inspire one another, and unfortunately sometimes we can really wear each other out! Are you re-energizing or draining the life from your leader and your teammates? Here are six factors to consider.

1. Dealing With Drama

It is like drinking Mountain Dew. A quick rush followed by an impending crash. It is just not worth it. Either deal with it, or remove it. If you can’t remove it, at least remove yourself from it, if possible, but do not ignore it if you are able to influence through it.

2. Making Your Leader Think For You

You have a brain, so, hello, use it! If you’re not sure of the answer or how to proceed, come up with a few potential options instead of approaching your leader with an empty brain and blank slate.

3. Thinking For Your Teammates

Yes, this is the flip-side of No. 2. It is exhausting for smart, motivated workers to be micromanaged. Leaders, back off! Give them your vision and direction, then let them do their thing! If you are feeling unsure, establish check-in points.

4. Dealing With Negativity

Negative people are draining. Instead of saying no to a client or teammate, figure out how to say yes with options. Try to approach everything, even problems, from a positive mindset. Positivity creates energy, and laughter burns calories! Haha.

5. Working Around Your Moods

Is now a good time? Hmmm. Let me see. Did the boss’s meeting go well? Did my teammate break up with his girlfriend? Is my co-worker PMS-ing? (Admit it, you have wondered this!) Nobody should have to plan their workday around your emotions. If you can’t seem to get your moods under control, mask it until you can.

6. Communicating is a Two-Way Street

The best environment is one where teammates and leaders want to communicate with one another. Open communication creates energy! However it’s easy to just let it go. Not communicating escalates not only everything we’ve mentioned above, but it also stagnates innovation. Leaders, make sure you express your availability and desire to communicate, then let your teammates own the process.

So, are you a tired leader or follower? What wears you out, and how have you been able to overcome it?

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