What Worries Your Leader?

What are the top three or four things that worry your leader? Can you quickly answer that question? You should.

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to facilitate some small group sessions with several key leaders inside one of Impacting Leaders’ client companies. When I asked the question, “What do you think your leader is worried about?” Their answers were common concerns among companies going through change: a loss in production, employees leaving, and the distraction of the change itself

My next question was, “How can you help control these problems?” You see, many times our leaders worry about things over which we have control. If I lead a department, can I help minimize a loss in production? Yes. Can I impact whether or not my employees leave or stay? Of course I can. Can I help them stay focused in the midst of change? Absolutely.

So, perhaps the real question is, “Is your leader worried about these top three things, or are they worried about how you’ll handle those top three things?”

One primary value we bring to our leaders is to help carry their load – to know what they’re concerned about and leading our teams in a way that help alleviate those concerns. After all, those of us who work side-by-side with our teams each day have an opportunity to quickly make the most significant impact.

What are your leader’s top three worries? And what can you do now to help alleviate those worries? Don’t put off what you can begin doing today to lead up.

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