What Matters Most After You’re Gone

You know that job you have now? You won’t have it forever. Someday, you’ll accept another offer that seems like a better fit. You’ll accept a more demanding job for better pay. You’ll accept a less demanding job to have more time with your family. You’ll change professionals as your industry revolves. Your employer will reorganize or downsize or move out of state or get bought out. Even if you’re a “lifer” at your current employer, you’ll eventually retire.

There will come a day when it will be your last day.

And, on that last day, as you reflect back on your career at your soon-to-be former employer, whether or not you occupied a big office, or a corner office, or an office at all for that matter, won’t matter. The awards and accolades you amassed over the years and now have packed up in cardboard boxes, won’t matter. The impressive title you held or the front-row parking space you had, won’t matter.

But the relationships you formed and the impact you made while you were there? That matters. In fact, as far as your work life is concerned, it’s about all that does.

Did you raise the standards?

Did you leave a positive impact?

Were you kind?

Were you willing to serve?

Did you give your best?

Did you lift others up?

Did you make people better?

How you are able to answer these questions when you leave is determined by how you lead and influence now. Give your best today so you may leave the legacy you want to leave behind tomorrow.

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