Our Dear Hank, A Quiet Leader

We never dreamed that just a few days after sharing, What Matters Most After You’re Gone, we would so suddenly lose one of our own.

Hank Sasser led quietly.

And the thing about quiet leaders is that we aren’t fully aware of their influence until we are in the midst of their absence.

Oh, how we are hearing from so many about how that quiet and humble spirit made such an impact!

It was an impact that was subtle and unique; one person, one relationship at a time.

We knew that Hank would grow into an amazing leader. What we didn’t realize was the difference he was already making at his young age. 

Hank embodied the best qualities of those who loved him most. His easy-going nature. His friendly smile. His willingness to listen. His eagerness to learn. His quiet influence. His enthusiasm for adventure. His kindness toward others.

Now we resolve to ensure those qualities live on through us. We hope you are inspired to do the same.

We are brokenhearted. But we also know that with God, hope remains.

Hank left this life for Glory on August 23, 2014. He is the middle child of Keven and Linda Sasser, little brother to Katie McCarthy, big brother to Jeri Sasser. His family covets your prayers and their privacy at this time.

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  • Jeri Sasser says:

    Hank’s influence is never-ending.
    Miss him more and more every day.

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  • Diane Kerlin says:

    I worked with Hank in December of 2012, he was a remarkable young man full of life and creativity. He spoke well of his family and friends and his love for sports. His Uncle Mike adored him and it was great to see them play around then get serous about business. I am completely and utterly heart broken, my prayers are with the family. .

  • Hank worked on a project for me with the city of McDonough…and left a positive impact that will go on for years…I loved his spirit and heart for people…I am so sorry for the loss…

  • Rhonda Schenk (FLANDERS) says:

    Thoughts and prayers from Evansville, Indiana to Hank’s family & friends.

  • Ginna says:


    I am so brokenhearted to hear this sad news. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers. Hank sounds like an amazing young man. No doubt his life will continue to inspire others as he is remembered and loved. You are blessed to have lived and shared some of this sweet life together. Praying God will continue to lead you and your family to all you need in the moments and years to come. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and healing to your heart.


  • Earl Breon says:


    So sorry for your loss. It sounds like the world lost a fine young man. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family through this tough time.

  • Mike, Bea, & Michael Flanagan says:

    Keven & Linda, we are so very sorry for your loss! We just heard of the accident and are devastated by the loss of Hank. Michael in particular is extremely upset as he recently talked with Hank after several years apart. He was so excited to find Hank again and resume that friendship. God bless you and please let us know how we can help….we mean that.

  • Jamie Wheeless says:

    Hank was the epitome of a gentleman with an enthusiastic and uplifting spirit. This world definitely benefited from his presence and I miss him. May God comfort his family and many friends.

  • John and Brenda Bracklein says:

    Praying peace over the Sasser family. I heard Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman on the way to work this morning and immediately thought of Hank and the legacy he leaves behind. The chorus is “And this is going to be a glorious unfolding. Just you wait and SEE and you will be amazed. You’ve just got to believe the story is so far from over. So hold on to every promise God has made to us and watch this glorious unfolding.” Praying you will be comforted and blessed as the stories begin to unfold.

  • Jeremie says:

    Linda and Kevin, we are so sorry for your loss and grateful for your influence and the life of Hank Sasser. Praying for you!

  • Norm Robertson says:

    I met Hank on a couple of occasions and each time was impressed by him!! He seemed to have the world by the tail. I am profoundly sorry for your loss!!! It is amazing in that he touched lives all across the US!!!

  • Kelly Floyd says:

    Linda and Kevin, I am so sorry for you loss, I will keep your family in my prayers during this hard time. Kelly Floyd

  • Mary M Altinger says:

    Linda and Keven, please know that I love you both, your entire family, and tears do not stop flowing. I so wanted to meet him and will one day! He is the embodiment of You Both and the heart and mind of Christ! Your family is in my prayers over & over again….I am at a loss for words. Love and peace to you all. Mary

  • Mary Lively says:

    Hank was a truly amazing young man. I had the pleasure to meet him only a few times but in those few times, he was so welcoming and kind. Listening to my sister talk about him, one couldn’t wish for a better, caring manager. I’m honored he touched my family’s life.

  • Holly Howard says:

    God bring this family comfort and peace during this time of grief..Cover them with your protection and grace. May your love be poured over and into them thru the legacy that Hank built here. Fill their hearts with joy with stories from others reflecting the goodness richness depth and compassion of their son, brother. Let his spirit within them live on and move them forward each day. Amen and amen…praying for the family and friends of Hank

  • Lori Singleton says:

    Well said. We love you and are keeping you in our prayers during this unimaginable difficult time.

  • LaWanda Sharp says:

    So sorry to hear this. My prayers are with you and I pray peace and comfort.

  • Ray Sanders says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Hank through OU’s Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth. He was a student leader and I was a mentor for one of the projects. He was a standout. Hard to miss a great smile in a crowd of bright young people. I loved learning he was a Sasser. That explained a lot. He was the kind of kid who would have made any parent extremely proud. I learned of the news of his death through Linda’s Facebook page. As a father of 6 and the grandad of 3, I was brought to tears reflecting on the loss of such a talented and respected young man. Our hearts ache for our friends. Our prayers are frequent as we think of the pain you now endure. You are loved. Thank you for the gift you gave us through Hank.

  • Karen Heine says:

    Thinking and praying for each of you. Karen and David Heine

  • Kelli Kidd says:

    Our prayers go out to the Sasser family. Hank will be deeply missed.

  • Katherine O'Sullivan says:

    This post is perfect! Your son changed my life! He taught me how to lead and told me to follow my heart whenever I was in doubt! I’m so blessed to have worked with him and will continue his legacy!

  • Don King says:

    When he shook your hand you knew he cared! RIP

  • Jamie Brehm says:

    I remember Hank in middle school loving the farm,
    Baseball, and his family! He always wore a smile!!!
    That is the most memorable thing toe personally! I know
    He was the best cousin ever to Savvy!!! Prayers to my
    Sasser friends!

  • Kathy Cermak says:

    A few years ago, I had the privilege of running into Hank at a restaurant during lunch. He came right up to me, spoke first with a pleasant greeting while shaking my hand. I then thought how special he made me feel!!!! Not often will a young man do that…but then not all young men are lucky to be given the gift of LEADERSHIP from their parents.
    Linda and Keven you did a great job!!! I am so sorry for your lose.

  • Tina Vitovic says:

    I did not know, but all the words spoken about him speaks volumes about his family and our leaders. Thoughts and prayers from my family to you all!

  • Lynn Lackey says:

    Hank was a breath of fresh air and one of the kindest, most positive, intelligent young men I’ve ever had the honor to encounter. He was so eager to learn and serve and lead and his legacy is truly inspiring.

  • Demeris Berner says:

    All who knew Hank were better for it… I was lucky enough to have had the honor.