Learning Moments

This week I had so many valuable moments of learning that I thought I’d just be simple and share them with you. How you interpret them is up to you and for you. I hope you are encouraged.

Be aware of where you are looking. Hope is always in front. We’ll never find it behind us.

Stop looking and chasing so hard for things in life to happen. Sometimes what we chase runs away: peace, success, relationships. Do what you know is right, and let life come toward you.

Be aware of what and who influences you. If you need to be uplifted, then read and participate in uplifting things.

Moving on is an individual experience. If we’re not ready, that’s okay, but we can’t be bitter when others do.

Chances. We all get them. Some are just more noticeable than others.

When you have contrasting emotions whirling around inside it’s best to pull over and do some jumping jacks!

If you want to feel better make someone else feel better.

Never under estimate the value of a meaningful and honest hug, and never under estimate the insignificance of a fake hug.

Everything is seen through our eyes: hurt, love, happiness, sorrow, compassion, determination, anger, friendship… take your sunglasses off. It’s okay to let others see your eyes.

We worry and fight for the right words to help others through sorrow or celebration. It’s not the words that help. It’s the companionship.

It’s okay to laugh and enjoy a moment even when you feel like something’s missing.

Whether you feel left behind, left out or left alone… know it’s because you have some learning left to do.

The root of a plant can be alive even when the outside beauty of the flower dies. It’s the strength of the root that will again produce something beautiful for us to enjoy. This same concept applies with us.

Good key lime pie tastes best when ordered with two forks.

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