Don’t Waste Your Adversity

Adversity… the space where God does amazing things in and through us. It’s motivating to me that the word “adversity” starts with “ad.” It makes me realize that when adversity hits us we become an ad, an advertisement, a commercial. What message are we sending when adversity hits us? Are we advertising something others will want to read, want to follow or want to buy into? Or is our message driving others away?

Adversity gives us an “excuse” to be negative, heavy, and selfish. Adversity is a difficult and harsh place in the beginning, but it is actually the start of something big! Adversity isn’t something we pray for, but I reverently believe it is something we earn. The bigger and more painful your adversity, the more remarkable the mission is that you are being called to conduct. DON’T MISS IT or your pain, agony, and discomfort will be wasted!

Two and a half years ago I blogged about having an “adversity-minded focus.” Little did I know how I would be challenged to live out this perspective in the most painful of ways. Yet, I can’t imagine the regret I would have if the adversity our family is going through right now were wasted. Some might say that the loss of our youthful and “full of life” 24-year-old child was a waste. Of course the loss of his life wasn’t a waste and it never will be. However, hear me, because I’m very passionate about this… if we do nothing impactful from this terrible adversity then I do feel we have been wasteful. We have been wasteful, not the adversity.

Adversity is the spark, the push, the inspiration to take flight! We will miss what we’ve been prepared to do with the adversity if we only remain focused on what we have lost. Instead we must look forward and be watchful for where we are to impact.

Adversity is meant to change us. We decide how.

You may not think so, but you are ready! You have been prepared for your adversity! Family, friends, careers, and life have readied you to not only overcome your adversity, but to also prepare you to accomplish your mission in this life. In the midst of your adversity, be patient and astute as you emerge out of the in-between that connects your adversity with the impact you make as you use your hardships and pain to help others.

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