10 Leadership Actions to Live Out

Before the New Year I crafted a message that I wanted to share with a few key leaders at one of Impacting Leaders’ clients. Though crafted for some particular leaders, we can all work to live out these ten actions as we strive to grow.

1. Maintain a positive outlook. Being positive in the midst of challenges doesn’t make you a Pollyanna. It makes you a leader who can maintain a good attitude in tough times. People want to work for positive leaders.

2. Make your one-on-ones a priority. The importance of individual time between leaders and their direct reports can’t be understated.

3. You have teammates in other departments. Break down destructive silos by building relationships and communicating across, not just up and down.

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Wrap up each meeting by clarifying who else needs to know what and when. Pick up the phone more. Get face-to-face when you can.

5. Form relationships with your peers. Relationships are the basis for trust. Trust is the basis for sustainable teamwork.

6. Hold yourself accountable first – this includes your production as well as your moods and your attitude. After you hold yourself accountable, hold your team accountable.

7. Leaders base their decisions on the following priorities (in the following order): company first, team second, me third.

8. Approach conflict to meet the demands of current situation. You can’t be all honey badger all the time.

9. Don’t forget to balance leading with the head and the heart. And remember, a person is not a “head leader” or a “heart leader.” The goal is to be both and to know when to flex to one or the other.

10. Be grateful. ALWAYS be grateful. Finding gratefulness in the midst of adversity and challenges is a choice. In every sad, bad, or difficult situation you can find gratefulness. It’s the difference between being good or being great.

How will you lead differently and better in the New Year?

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