Are You Competing or Completing?

Here’s a question to reflect on: When you encounter a top performing peer, how do you view them? As a competitor who threatens your position, or as someone who can bring value to you and your organization?

Same people. Same talents. Two very different approaches that lead to two very different organizational cultures.

A Competing Approach:

  • Views others with similar talents as competitors fighting for the same resources.
  • Thinks with a scarcity mindset. If you win, I lose.
  • Needs constant validation.
  • Driven by ego.

A Completing Approach:

  • Views others with similar talents as teammates to who can help you be better.
  • Thinks with an abundance mindset. We can get a bigger win together.
  • Encourages others.
  • Driven by a desire to achieve success together.

In a competing organization’s culture:

  • Paranoia runs deep.
  • Politics reign.
  • Position means power.
  • Connections are surface.
  • Words and actions don’t match up.

In a completing organization’s culture:

  • We cheer one another on.
  • Opportunities are available to those willing to work to seize them.
  • Position means responsibility.
  • Care is authentic.
  • Actions are aligned with words.

Do you seek to compete, or complete? What are you doing to foster the organizational culture that you desire?

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