Learn to be Unstoppable

I’ve asked my friend and former colleague Dina Simon to serve as a guest blogger today and share a message from her recently published book, “Make Unstoppable Simple – Creative Problem Solving in Life and Leadership.” Congratulations, Dina, and thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

To be Unstoppable, you do have to “stop” and take a look at your life to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. What do you do at a stop sign?  You look both ways and look at the horizon to see what is ahead and make decisions accordingly. There are many coaching tools you can use to do this. For example, picture a wheel and each spoke has a description for an area of life that is important – Finance, Health, Relationships, etc.  Whatever tool or graphic you use to complete this exercise, the message is to take some time and do some reflection on the aspects of your life and what’s maybe out of sync.  Determine what might be important to focus on and set some plans to work on those areas.

My older sister, Debbie, once gave me a piece of advice: “You do not have to do anything you do not want to do in life.” I am not completely sure of the context—maybe I was being pressured to do something by my peer group at the time. But that advice has stuck with me all these years. I’ve used her advice to reflect on my reasons for taking a risk or making a decision. Was I making a personal decision, or was someone forcing me to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing? Was I passionate about the decision I was making, and did it feel right for my value system? Or did I need to walk away from someone or something because it just wasn’t working? Being Unstoppable means you learn there are moments you have to walk away and change the direction or path.

The word Unstoppable might imply you just power through and don’t let anything get in your way.  To truly live out your Unstoppableness, you need to stop and reflect and make plans in how you can move forward. In the book: “Make Unstoppable Simple – Creative Problem Solving in Life and Leadership” I share how to find your unstoppable spirit and how to apply some simple tools to help you work through situations in your life and/or in business to allow you to move forward in achieving what you would like to achieve.

Dina Simon is the CEO of Simon Says Lead. To purchase your copy of Make Unstoppable Simple, visit www.simonsayslead.com.

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