5 Signs a Teammate is Not Ready to Lead

In my previous post, 7 Signs a Teammate is Ready to Lead, we covered some good indicators of teammates ready to take on a leadership role within an organization. But what about the warning signs that point to a colleague not yet ready to lead others? Here are five to look out for:

  • They act very different in front of other titled leaders than they do around teammates and peers.
  • They campaign and politic for promotions because of tenure, education, money, title, or prestige.
  • They go power hungry nuts when given just the slightest bit of authority over other teammates on a project.
  • Their emotions overpower their poise. They yell, ignore, blame, and/or walk out when things don’t go well.
  • Their teammates dread or even fear the thought of having to work for them.

These signs may sound drastic, but the unfortunate reality is they are alive and well in many organizations. The good news is that not every leader who exhibits one or more of these characteristics is without hope. Some individuals simply have never been exposed to good leadership, so coach them and model it for them. Establish behaviors and non-negotiables that illustrate your expectations for how your team operates, and recognize and reinforce positive leadership when you see it. 

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