3 Things Your Teammates Need That They Won’t Ask For

1. They need to know you believe in them. When was the last time an employee asked you to believe in him? Probably never. We don’t ask for our leader’s belief in us, but we need it to stretch ourselves, try new things, and achieve our best. Our belief in a teammate is especially impactful when we know they can do it, but they aren’t yet sure. When that’s the case, we allow our teammate to borrow our belief in them. They don’t have the confidence yet, so until they gain it, they can borrow ours.

2. They need to know what you expect of them. An employee who isn’t clear on what you want cannot meet your expectations. What do you expect of me? What does success look like in this role? Answers to these questions won’t be found in the job description. They’ll be hammered out in your interactions, in your feedback, in your one-on-ones. Don’t assume your employees know what you want from them. Make it a part of your everyday conversations, and ask periodically, especially early on, if they are clear on what you expect of them and how they can achieve those expectations.

3. They need you to recognize and encourage their movement forward. Don’t wait until your teammate achieves 100% to point out and encourage their growth. Progress matters, regardless of how small. Yes, the goal is important, but movement toward the goal shows awareness, desire, maturity, hard work, and tenacity. Growth is not an end-result; it’s a process. Walk alongside your employees throughout the process and don’t miss opportunities to recognize every step forward.

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