What’s Your 2016 Rally Cry?

Rally cry! Those who know me or have worked with me know that I love a good rally cry to set the tone and motivate my team and me to overcome challenges or accomplish a big goal – or both! Here are just a few rally cries I’ve had in my career:

KB – Code for “kick butt!” We were a small but mighty franchised staffing firm with the goal of being No. 1 in the company, and we achieved it.
Bounce Back – Anyone remember 2002? It was a yucky year for business, and our team aggressively worked to bounce back from the 2001 recession.
Groundswell – This was our team’s approach within a large corporation where it can be difficult to influence change. We decided we would commit to doing it from the inside out!
Grow and/or Go – A fun rally cry within a new organization with a lot of legacy employees and some new faces. You can grow and go on and up, or you can choose to not grow and just…go.
Be Great and Bring the Awesome: Back-to-back rally cries for back-to-back years of sales success and growth.

Which brings me to this year’s rally cry…Elevate Yo Self! This fun theme with a nod to pop culture (treat yo self, anyone?) and our continuing desire and challenge to develop as leaders and as an organization, Elevate Yo Self is about bringing our best, then going one step further.

Does your team have a rally cry for your current season or the coming year? If not, find one that inspires you and your team to overcome your obstacles and work toward your goals!

Thank you for reading, following and sharing Leadership with Sass this year. I’ve appreciated every one of your comments, your words of encouragement, and hearing about your own leadership journeys. We’ll be taking a short break over the holidays as we enjoy some family time. We’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks! Wishing you a merry Christmas, great peace, and a commitment to elevating yo self in the new year!

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