Four Gets to Not Forget in Adversity

You get what you get, right? We are all ordained, but sometimes it’s confusing to know when and if we are on the right track. No matter where we find ourselves in life, we are there for a reason, and I’m hopeful the reason is worth it. We may not know why today, but I believe in time the reason will show itself. Life is a journey, or life is a highway, as Rascal Flatts claims. Either way, I know that sometimes we get blessings, and other times we get lessons; the lessons are designed to prepare us for future blessings.

I’ve written about adversity before. I’ve almost fascinated with the topic. I don’t like adversity, but like you, I know that adversity is part of my journey, so I’m compelled to think deeply about it. And in thinking about it, I’ve identified four “gets” to not forget as we move toward the future each of us is ordained to live out.

Get Up!

When you get knocked down (and you have…and you will again), get up! You are the only one who can move yourself forward. Others can support and encourage you, but they can’t stand for you. Don’t let whatever is knocking you down keep you down. Get up! When it knocks you down again, get up again!

Get Over It!

This may sound trivial and even unsympathetic, especially if we are in the middle of our trial. But odds are we cannot change what happened. Whatever we lost, whatever she/he did, whatever didn’t come our way, whatever attacked us…we can’t get through it until we get over it. Getting over it doesn’t mean forgetting it; it means moving beyond it. It may involve forgiving someone, maybe yourself. Use your situation as a lesson. Flip it from failure to future.

Get Aligned!

Ok, now what? What do we need to move forward? Get your thoughts focused on the future. Look up, not down. Look forward, not back. Become aware and committed to the actions needed for forward movement.

Get Going!

Execute and take action. Moving forward, even if our steps seem remedial and small, will help work through our feeling of being paralyzed. Doing nothing is never an option.

I was originally inspired to write on the Four Gets from Pastor Ed Young Sr., my former pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. His lesson was on hope. I found great relevance in his message. I hope it’s meaningful for you.

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