Serenity Now!

I read this blog post yesterday that I immediately had to share with my team. It is that good. It’s not long. You should take a moment and read it. (Go ahead, I’ll wait right here).

Don’t you love the author’s take on creating calm? Ah, calm! There are few things people are chasing after today like calm. We read blogs and books on the topic, we pray and meditate, we schedule me time and family time and spend a fortune on “relaxing” vacations to capture it…yet, in all that chasing, we forget that, well, calm comes from within us!

With all the moving parts we have to take care of in business, life still happens. Our sense of urgency, our aggressiveness, our passion, our perfectionist level, our personal responsibilities of health, family, school, and so on determine how we need to create our calmness. Yet no matter the level of calm you need, the reality is you create it! It starts by managing your thoughts.

Calm is inspired by your heart, but you have to manage it in your head. How are you managing your calm?

And if you lead others? Well, remember that you’re not only responsible for creating your own calm, but you’re also accountable to creating calm among your team. Noise happens, mistakes happen, disappointments happen. The question is, how do you calmly handle these issues with your team?

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