Happily Ever After

Sometimes knowing how the story ends helps you deal with the chapters that are uncomfortable, unwanted, and unpredictable.

Today marks two years from the crash.  The crash that left a mark on who we are, how we think, how we behave, who we surround ourselves with and most importantly how we will move forward.

Today, even two years later, I still have to manage my thoughts as I walk through my days. I’m still growing through this season that never ends. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve changed so much. I’ve learned…

To never ask God why. Besides the fact that I will most likely never get an answer, it will just confuse me and keep me searching. Instead I should ask God what and how. Show me what I need to do with this, and how I can help others because of this. If I don’t take responsibility for the “what” and “how,” the “why” will never be worth it. It doesn’t take a crash in your world for this to be something that you can do every day. When you get frustrated and want to ask why… don’t! Ask what and how.

To pray once again. I finally faced the disappointing, selfish, and guilt stricken reality that I was blaming God for our crash. I’m still fresh with this development, so I don’t have a great teaching moment to share, just a transparent confession. What I do know is that after my breakthrough God was waiting with arms wide open. He missed me, and I desperately needed Him.

That faith is action. I don’t think I knew the full essence of faith until the crash force me to survive by using it. Faith is an action verb. I guess this is what James meant when he said, “faith without works is dead.” Giving up isn’t faith. Saying, “I’ll just see what happens” isn’t faith. Thinking, “I’ll see what my gut tells me” isn’t faith. Faith is acting with firm belief!

Anticipation! I can’t wait! I look forward to the future. I’m excited about the what and how. I’m excited to someday have our family all together again. And oh what a reunion that will be!

And they lived… This chapter has been the hardest one to live. But our story is not over and the chapters ahead will be filled with more blessings and more adversity. Our two girls are amazing blessings to us and others. We are living happily ever after by choice!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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  • DGK says:

    Love ya Partner!

  • Vickie Hime says:

    Thank you Jesus for my return to you! I don’t know why I ever did.

  • Diana Hurt says:

    You are amazing in how you serve others! I am a better person because of you. Prayers for you and your family on this anniversary of the crash.

  • Vonda Langill says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing….. You are an amazing woman, one that I truly admire.

  • Teanill Burrow says:

    This love story is to be continued…

  • Lyda and Jim Walker says:

    Beautiful Linda. We take our crashes one day at a time. You guys are doing very well. Love you all.

  • Kim Smith says:


    This is an incredible post. It’s almost hard to put pen to paper my thoughts on the incredible wisdom…transparency..that just flows from your writing. You continue to amaze me with your passion and gift to make a difference.

    Prayers up for you and your family as you continue to celebrate Hank’s life and all your new adventures!