What Frightens You?

With Halloween here and the election upon us I thought fright might be a great topic to dig into today. Everybody is fearful about something. To those of you puffing out your chest right now saying nothing frightens you, you are frightening the rest of us!

Fear is an emotion that can work for us or against us depending on our outlook. It can forge us forward with great determination, and it can paralyze us from any forward movement. Yet, in a weird way, we need some form of scare or fear in our lives. Fear forces us to pay attention and to lean into God, family, friends, teammates, and even our inner self.

So what can we do if we are worried, scared or fearing something ahead of us?


Sounds like great things may be happening for you. You see, life doesn’t get better without uncomfortable and fearful circumstances. Our goal isn’t to sidestep this emotion. We should plow right in and learn. Dealing with it builds courage!

Take it day by day.

Don’t try to predict the future.  I agree, this is very difficult for those of us who have a strong vision trait. When venturing out keep moving forward with steps. Stop trying to run to the finish line. Enjoy the daily efforts. We gather courage daily, not annually.

Planners, take a chill pill.

Trying to have everything planned out in the beginning of your venture will stall your creativity and create barriers that fuel fear. It’s ok to plan as you go. For every barrier you think of balance it out with an opportunity it creates.

Borrow what you need!

When you lack confidence and belief go to someone you trust and borrow theirs. This takes inner humility (not outer). Remember confide is inside confidence.

What were you thinking???

When fear has you putting on the brakes, check your thoughts! Are you thinking with a negative or positive mindset? Negativity feeds fear. Positivity feeds courage. Stop and think about all the good that will come from whatever it is you are worried or fearful about.

What if?

But what if this or that happens? Well, what if they don’t? Stop wasting mental time on make believe what ifs.

Faith is blind. That’s the point!

Someday we’re going to live in heaven so we know this story has a wonderful ending. While on earth there is greatness in every season that you are called to seize. Don’t let fear keep you from your calling. Let faith be a verb in your life, not a noun.

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