The POTUS Doesn’t Determine Your Potential

Hey Girlfriends! Today, I wanted to speak to all my sisters out there, both young and old. If you’re a guy, keep reading as I’m sure you’ll learn something, or you may want to pass this on to your daughters!

I’m so happy to be a woman in today’s world. When I was a little girl, I was kinda jealous of my brothers. As boys they got to take their shirt off outside when it got hot and hide behind a tree when they needed to pee. But I figured out how to adapt with a tank top and quick potty breaks. Ha! I was a competitive brat, and no boy was going to outdo me on the basketball court or even in the front yard playing tackle football.

I took that same vigor and zest into the business world as an adult. Today I am a successful business woman, and I’m excited about my future. In fact, I’m more excited about the future than I am about the present.

I’m compelled to share this today because I’m concerned that many young women are worried about the future due to the recent election outcome. Gosh, many were on TV appearing devastated and saying it’s bad for women. It breaks my heart that as women we would let such an event impact us so negatively.

I know many women who’ve experienced the same success as I have as a business woman, wife, and mother. We’ve propelled through our life and career with a White House full of different beliefs. Whether we have a Democrat or a Republican for president, women still succeed. No man (or woman) in that Oval Office can keep you from succeeding and impacting others. Only you can dampen that zest. We are not victims of election outcomes.

I’ve been bummed in the past with who was elected to office, but it didn’t affect who I was, or what I could become.

So, let’s show the world what we women are made of. We’re not whiners and we’re not victims, even when life gives us good reason. We’re endlessly hopeful, and others turn to us because of that hope.

Here are some thoughts that I hope will challenge your thinking. I’m not going to explain or elaborate on each one. I just want you to think on the statement and what it might mean to you.

  • The more you go through in life, the smaller the White House gets.
  • Love
  • Earthly life is a short stopover while we wait for heaven. Stop putting so much emphasis on what is temporary.
  • Smile
  • Better yet, laugh out loud. Seriously, it burns calories and makes those around you happy.
  • Success never comes without personal sacrifice. Sacrifice is painful.
  • Concentrate on what you can give, not on what you should get.
  • Money is not what impacts. Money is not power. Money isn’t happiness. Money isn’t a goal.
  • Snuggle
  • As kids we said that, “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” We knew that our attitude and our reaction determined whether or not someone’s words could get us down. As adults, why don’t we still believe that?
  • Wear a tank top when it’s hot outside, and don’t be afraid of tackle football.

As that bratty little girl growing up I used to carve “Linda was here” on trees. I wanted others to know I was there. Today, as a grown woman, I still aim to leave my mark. Just not on trees.

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