How to Benefit from Your Wait

Waiting in line, waiting in the lobby, waiting through a delay… waiting sucks! But wait… (HA) waiting, actually helps us grow. Wait, what? Yes! So, let’s change our mindset and realize that ‘beneficial waiting’ is a blessing. Don’t just wait… benefit from your wait.

Elements of beneficial waiting:

Discomfort. In-between is rarely a place we enjoy being, but being uncomfortable can be beneficial. Discomfort forces us to broaden our horizons and change our perspective. We find comfort in the learning that happens during our time of waiting.

Wisdom. Wisdom is gathered along our journey. We can’t buy it, steal it or win it. A kind soul can’t gift it to you. It is earned through beneficial waiting, adversity and experiences.

Neediness. When we wait, we depend on God. Being reminded of this dependence is always beneficial.

Faith. Faith can be such an inspiring word, yet faith is useless if all we do is simply talk about it! Faith is a verb, not a noun. I believe that faith is the healer of stress.

Humility. Few scenarios are more humbling than things being completely out of your control so that all your can do is wait and see what happens. Yes, humility is one of the greatest skill sets we acquire through beneficial waiting.

Wishful Thinking. Don’t wish this waiting period away! It’s here for a purpose. To learn, to strengthen, to prepare you.

Pay Attention. Pay dang attention while you are waiting! It’s the whole reason you are benefiting from this time. Personally, I believe the longer it takes to become aware and learn, the longer your wait will be.

Forward Focus. Looking back contaminates hopes and dreams! Keep your eyes on what is ahead.

Beneficial waiting is most difficult if we try to control our wait! If this is you, feel blessed! You are experiencing the beautiful lesson of knowing faith with a closer intimacy than just speaking of it. Anticipate with eagerness what God is preparing you for.

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