Leaders are Brokers

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A stockbroker’s responsibility is to take what you give them financially and make more of it. You wouldn’t be satisfied if your broker broke even, or worse, returned to you with less money than you gave him. We expect our broker to multiply our investments.

Leaders have a similar responsibility. When you’ve been called to lead others, you have a responsibility to broker – or steward – that obligation for gain. Gain first for those you lead, and then gain that will be returned to you as their leader.

A leader who is focused solely on his own gain is like a stockbroker caught in a Ponzi scheme. He’s taken all the resources entrusted to him, but he has used those resources only to enrich himself.

So, if we want to steward well the resources that are entrusted to us, what are we responsible to broker and multiply?

  • People: Do you use people for your own gain, or do you invest in them to help them grow?
  • Budgets and finances: Do you spend wisely or foolishly?
  • Time: Do you use your time carefully? Do you spend it all on yourself, or do you give it away to serve others?
  • Wisdom: Resist the urge to be impulsive or make decisions in a vacuum. How many bad decisions have you made because you didn’t pause to ask yourself, “What is the wise thing to do?”
  • Talents: Do you know the unique talents of your team? Do you tap into your team’s talents in diverse ways so they are fulfilled and recognized?

What resources do you currently have that you can use to help others? How good of a broker have you been with what you’ve been given to invest?

For my faith-based friends: Like the parable of the talents in Mathew 25, when we wisely invest and work to multiply what God has given us, we will be rewarded with more resources.

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