Should a Leader Compromise?

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When we are working things out, negotiating for a win-win, allowing others to see and gain from our flexibility and when there will be no harm from not having it our way.


Not if it means we compromise our convictions, our word, or our values.

Self-satisfaction and greed are close companions and work hard at tempting us to compromise our standards. We are tempted with money, attention, material items, ego, increase in status and others’ approval.

Knowing when and when not to compromise is a balancing act. Here are some guidelines:

  • Stick to your values and don’t lose sight of your vision and mission.
  • Say “yes” when you can, so when you have to say “no,” it’s taken well.
  • Communicate what items are non-negotiable.
  • Be aware of your actions; they show your true standards and the areas where you compromise.
  • If your team can’t list your convictions, you must not have any, or you’re not living them out.

Can you verbalize your convictions that are non-negotiable? Most importantly, are you living them out in way that your team doesn’t question what you stand for?

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