Hide-and-Seek Leadership


When you don’t communicate, it’s presumed you’re hiding something. The game of hide-and-seek is established. You’re hiding information, and your team is seeking to find it. Unfortunately, odds are your team will search in all the wrong places.

Watercooler gatherings become the meetings no one wants to miss. Assumptions are shared. Paranoia sets in. Self-preservation becomes the priority, resulting in the decline of productivity, teamwork, and customer service.

Still, even with this new pandemonium, we continue to avoid communicating. So, the downward spiral continues.

This isn’t the way things have to be. When nothing is hidden, there is nothing to seek! A one-sided game of hide-and-seek is no fun.

Communication is THE No. 1 challenge in companies today. It remains as the top challenge because it is so often the solution to nearly every other challenge companies face.

Can you think of a challenge that good communication doesn’t solve?

The more complex the organization, the more complex communication challenges can be, but good communication is not complicated. It starts with leaders being honest, straightforward, and open with their teams.

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