Living with No Regrets

Live with no regrets. So how are you doing with that? If life on earth were over tomorrow, would you feel satisfied? Would you be able to say that you lived life to its fullest? Did you impact those that you were meant to impact? Did you love those that needed your love?

Or did you hold back, play it safe, live comfortably?

Average isn’t bad. But average isn’t what God intends. Satan loves average. He likes for us to play it safe because anything bigger involves faith, and faith comes from our unquestionable confidence in the Lord.

Don’t get me wrong. No Regret living doesn’t mean driving 65 in a 55-mph zone. LOL, you might regret doing that. Living with no regrets means different things to different people. For me, the simplest explanation means not holding back, going for it, stepping forward, movement, risk, and change.

What harms our intentions to living with no regrets?

  1. Worry about not having enough
  2. Focusing on what will others think
  3. Prioritizing self-preservation and safety
  4. Fearing failure or the unknown

When we have a regret that we can’t shake off it’s because we haven’t peeled back the onion on what good may have come from that disappointing decision or action. Think about a regret, then ask yourself:

  1. Were other people positively affected because of it?
  2. Was my mindset altered in any way? Did it change me?
  3. Did this regret reroute my future direction?
  4. What did I learn?

You see, what we think might be a regret could be a life-altering need for another person or a defining season that changes how you think or what direction you’re heading. Life regrets are also learning seasons.

In closing, there is something worse than living safe and avoiding risks and regrets. You may miss your unique calling. Our unique calling in life isn’t just given to us on a silver platter. We work our way through the ups and downs to our unique calling. Our successes and failures are what prepare us for our calling. So, step out! Raise the bar on your faith, your expectations, your sacrifice, and your belief in God’s generosity! Don’t be afraid to take risks and live with no regrets.

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